SLUAC 2021 Speaker's Gallery

Charisse Stokes

President of Tidal IT Solutions, Executive Director for TechMGM

Keynote Luncheon

Aliquippa Allen, Ph.D.

Founder & Executive Director, Rural Business & Training Center, Inc. (RBTC), CEO, Di-A-Dex, LLC

Public Speaking Lab

Dr. John Kline

Director Emeritus, Troy University Institute for Leadership Development

We Over Me

Teri Henley

Senior Instructor, College of Communication and Information Sciences, University of Alabama

Expanding the Message

Kirk Fulford

Deputy Director, Legislative Fiscal Office

Breaking Down the Budget

Nick Lawkis

Chair, Council of University Governmental Affairs Representatives

CUGAR Update

William Filmore

Director of Legislative Affairs

Update from the Governor's Office

Dr. Ken Tucker

President, University of West Alabama. Chair, University President's Council

Leading Leaders