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At Alabama's public universities, more than 180,000 students are receiving a world-class education from instructors who are leading researchers, thinkers, and creators in their fields. But a college degree offers more than just an education - our college grads walk away with a valuable investment that launches careers and changes lives. The data tells us that college degrees are becoming even more valuable as the economy shifts to serve the knowledge-based needs of the future. At Alabama's public universities, we you'll join us to pursue your passions, enrich your leadership skills, or elevate your career opportunities. We believe that, Pre-K through PH.D., every student deserves to dream big, believe they can accomplish their goals, and pursue an education that is perfect for them. If you're considering college read on to learn more about the benefits of a degree and find resources to help you in your search.

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A College Degree offers a valuable return on investment for graduates.

Those with a bachelor’s degree make an average of $1 million more over the course of their lives than their peers without a degree.


A College Degree Launches Careers

Over 35 percent of jobs in the current market require a bachelor’s degree or higher.


In the last decade, nearly 90 percent of new jobs created required at least some higher education.

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A College Degree changes lives and generations

The Poverty Rate for those with Bachelor’s Degrees is 3.5 times lower than for those with lower levels of education.

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My HBCU is helping prepare me for the future by challenging myself to take the extra step in order to stand out and it’s instilling in me the confidence I need to move forward in being successful in my career path.

— DaVonte' Watson

Alabama State University '24

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Higher education is constantly changing - my institution provided opportunities for growth and critical thinking that I am able to use in my daily work.

— Allie Mills

University of West Alabama '10, '16

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