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The Alabama Student Retention Council

Alabama's leaders are dedicated to investing in the State's future. As we look towards the 22nd century it is more important than ever that we recruit and retain our college graduates to propel us into the knowledge-based economy of tomorrow. We know that the strongest voice to reach students is, well students, so The Higher Education Partnership is proud to host the Student Retention Council working to build a statewide campaign made for students, by students designed to encourage your fellow students to consider Alabama.

One student from each of Alabama's 14 public universities will be appointed by their University President to serve on the Student Retention Council. Students will work together to design and implement an innovative campaign on their campuses responding to a key problem facing Alabama. Student members will participate in training and innovation and entrepreneurship and receive community mentoring and advice. At the end of their term, students will have the opportunity to present their work to key stakeholders across the State.

About the Program



The first cohort of the Student Retention Council was established in the 2022-2023 academic year. A second cohort was selected for 2023-2024. 

In just two years, students worked together to reach more than 5,000 of their peers through direct communication efforts to encourage them to stay in Alabama after graduation.

They also hosted productive discussions with community and business leaders about key opportunities for development in Alabama.

At the conclusion of the year, they shared a detailed report of their progress with State Leaders. 

Get Involved: 2024 - 2025

The Higher Education Partnership was selected for Innovate Alabama's "Innovative Entity" designation for the work of the Student Retention Council. As a result, we are excited to expand the roles on the SRC to include leadership positions that will grow the capacity for work with our community partners and build on targeted messaging to strategically reach even more students on campuses. These positions will be selected through an application process open to all students from across the state.

Additionally, we will continue to host SRC members appointed by the University President or Chancellor. 

Available roles are described below. Applications close April 29, 2024 .

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Regional Director

4 regional directors will be selected from across the state to lead their peers and implement a community project.

Communications Coordinator

1 communications coordinator will be selected from across the state to develop and execute communications strategies, including social media.

Data coordinator

1 data coordinator from across the state will be selected to develop databases and issues briefs surrounding ideas relevant to retain Alabama's best and brightest.

Presidential Appointee

Each University President/Chancellor will have the opportunity to select on apppointee who will work to engage their campus!

Student Benefits

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