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Student Teams Advocating Realistic Solutions

​The Student Teams Advocating for Realistic Solutions assist students as they conduct activities in support of higher education. STARS also provides a common student voice and messagebetween all 14 universities.

STARS Committees work as the lead advocacy voice. Through collaboration and engagement, they highlight the strengths and successes of their unique campus, emphasize the value each campus brings to the State, and profile issues that are critical to Higher Education. The Higher Education Partnership is pleased to support through education, training, and events both on campus and across the State.

STARS Committees are led by a STARS Coordinator, often appointed by the Student Government Association. The STARS Coordinator works with the Partnership to design and implement a comprehensive Advocacy Agenda for their campus that encourages their peers to learn, engage, and advocate. They serve as the campus expert on grassroots organizing, campus engagement, and opportunities to advocate for their university. 

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STARS Committees work through an Advocacy Agenda that equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to advocate, provides opportunities to engage with community and State leadership, and advocate with their peers from across the State. The program culminates in Montgomery's largest advocacy event, Higher Education Day.

All student programs are available to Affiliated Membership Groups. Read More here.

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Photos From Our 2022 Events

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