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Dr. John Kline

Director, Troy University Institute for Leadership Development

Dr. John A. Kline was born and grew up in Iowa. He completed his Bachelors degree in English and Speech from Iowa State University. Next, he earned both Masters and PhD degrees in Human Communication from the University of Iowa. In 1975, Dr Kline accepted a teaching position as a civilian professor at the USAF Air University located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Dr. Kline completed post doctoral study at Harvard University's JFK School of Government and moved into positions of increasing responsibility. In early 2000, Dr. Kline joined Troy University as a Professor of Education. In 2003 he assumed his present position. John Kline has a distinguished career of service and a record of successful leadership in educational, volunteer, civic and religious organizations. He speaks and writes on leadership and communication and conducts training on writing, speaking and listening. His most recent books—both published by Pearson Prentice Hall are: Listening Effectively: Achieving High Standards in Communication, and Speaking Effectively: Achieving Excellence in Presentations. He has many recent articles on Leadership and Communication and a book chapter on Servant-Leadership.

Dr. John Kline
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