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The Student Teams Advocating for Realistic Solutions assist students as they conduct activities in support of higher education. STARS also provides a common student voice and message between all 14 universities.

Student advocates are assisted by the Higher Education Partnership and are organized through the Student Government Associations. SGA presidents or appropriate campus representatives appoint a chair of the STARS team for the campus. STARS Committees made up of student leaders representing the diversity of the campus, who are being recruited by the chair. Campus committees recruit campus affiliate organizations and their student members as advocates. Advocate names and emails are provided to the Partnership. The Partnership provides information, encouragement and advocacy opportunities for those advocates.


STARS participants write letters, make phone calls, and send emails to state leaders in support of the universities. An annual event, such as a rally, may be hosted by each campus to provide an advocacy message on all campuses. Campaign and election opportunities are also available. Chairs of the STARS teams and select team participants have opportunities to participate in a series of training activities, press conferences and statewide events concerning the future of higher education.

Provides students with educational opportunities as well as leadership opportunities. Correspondence between teams, state affiliates, and business leaders provides a unique voice for shaping university-related education policy. There is a personal satisfaction that you are a part of an advocacy team that helped make a difference in the history of higher education in the State of Alabama.


Since 1997, student leaders have served in various roles as campus organizers and student advocates for Higher Education each year. Over the years, these individuals have gone on to pursue successful careers and become productive members of society in our state and around the globe. In an effort to connect and engage the former STARS leaders of the past, the Partnership has established the STARS Alumni Advocacy Ambassadors which will connect, engage and develop the hundreds of individuals within the network of former STARS leaders. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Partnership office -


The Alabama University Student Presidents Council (USPC) serves as the official voice representing the students of Alabama's 14 public universities. Membership of the Council consists of all of the elected Student Government Presidents from Alabama's public universities. The Council's officers are elected each summer at the annual STARS Leadership & University Advocates Conference. 

The USPC annually participates in a statewide service project aimed at helping make a difference in bettering the lives of people in Alabama. The service project is chosen and directed by the leadership of the Council, but is also carried out by each of the Council's members throughout the year.​​

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