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College Students Rally at Higher Education Day: “Universities Are a Life-Changing Investment”

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Representatives of all 14 public universities in Alabama gathered on February 22, 2024 for Higher Education Day at the Alabama State House. This annual advocacy event featured more than 1,000 supporters of Alabama’s universities. Just as in previous years, it draws attention to the importance of higher education funding and good public policy. Executive Director of the Higher Education Partnership, Gordon Stone, emphasized the value of the event, saying, “Alabama’s universities shape the state’s economy and must be supported. Our more than 180,000 students are valuable to the state’s thriving economy.”

Higher Education Day is one of Montgomery’s largest annual advocacy events and is meaningful to all who attend. The day began with a parade demonstrating the bright spirit of the universities, including a marching band, flags, mascots and students. SGA leaders from all 14 universities signed a statewide pledge as a collective show of strength and delivered their message to Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth during lunch on the lawn of the State Capitol. During lunch, attendees heard from key decision makers across the State, including Lt. Gov. Ainsworth, both majority and minority party leadership in the House and Senate, the chairs of the state’s budget committees and other key legislative leaders. This event empowered students and other university leaders to voice their support for higher education to legislators.

Each year, the message reminds state leaders that Alabama universities provide more than an education - they prepare the future leaders of the state, improve quality of life and bond the fiber of the state’s economy. Through countless degree programs, Alabama’s public universities equip graduates with the necessary skills, experience and credentials to embark on careers and impact the world. Serving more than 180,000 students Alabama’s universities are directly involved in workforce development and career training through hands-on instruction, groundbreaking research and innovation, and world-class learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Those with a bachelor's degree make, on average, $1 million more over the course of their lives than those with lower levels of education. “As Alabama prepares to build a landscape that is competitive in the knowledge-based economy of the future, it is crucial to empower universities to train and equip graduates with the skills to compete for the best jobs and to lead in the future,” Stone commented.



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