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Kirk Fulford

Alabama Legislative Services Agency

Kirk Fulford is the Deputy Director of the Legislative Services Agency Fiscal Division (formerly Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO)), a nonpartisan office established to provide independent, accurate, and objective information to members of the Alabama Legislature with respect to historical, current, projected and proposed appropriations, expenditures, taxes and revenues, as well as any other information requested. The LFO became the Fiscal Division of the newly created Legislative Services Agency on October 1, 2017, and Mr. Fulford became the Deputy Director of the Fiscal Division at that time. Kirk has worked in state government with the Legislative Fiscal Office for over twenty-one years beginning in September 1996 as a fiscal analyst. He worked his way up the ranks to finally serve as Deputy Director. Mr. Fulford earned his Master of Business Administration degree from Auburn University at Montgomery in 1995 and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Auburn University at Montgomery in 1994.

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